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All About Quarterdeck Family Restaurant in Deneysville

Our History

Five years ago, we, Bruce and Alouise, then living in Germiston, purchased the land. Serenity, quietness, location and the view over the dam were reasons for purchasing the land.

The initial motivation to purchase was a weekend retreat to do our sailing. The secondary motivation was to plan for our retirement and another motivation to escape the hustle and bustle from the rat race.

The opportunity of purchasing the land was for our residence. While building it was realised that we still had a lot of vacant land available that presented possibilities for a bed-and-breakfast, then a diner & pub and finally the family restaurant and bar.

What we initially dreamed, to enthusiastically share this prime and ideal venue with you and also for our vision to double up as an income generating venture leading to our retirement, has finally begun.

Our Dream

  • To share with the locals what we believe to be a prime spot.
  • To offer the yachtsman a place to have a bite to eat before the journey back home.
  • To provide all visitors to Deneysville with decent home-cooked meals at an awesome venue.

Our Team

We do have a brilliant team at Quarterdeck Restaurant - ready to service and pleasure your taste buds. Our informal teamwork operation and style is that we complement and help one another to promote a pleasant experience at Quarterdeck Restaurant. The erratic nature of our business of unpredictable visiting patterns do at times catch us by surprise resulting in slight delays in preparing and serving your food.

Our special team is geared for give and take situations. Each member is enthusiastic to fill the gap when needed during hectic visiting period. The team is made up two cleaning ladies, three chefs, two full-time waitresses, two part-time waitresses and one waiter over weekends. Brendon, our barman is on duty from Wednesday to Sunday's with Gillian, Caron and Matthew helping out from Friday to Sunday.

Other Activities

Come and enjoy a day of water sport activities: boat cruises, learning to sailing, yachting, jet skiing, motor boating, aqua tubing, water skiing, booze cruising or white river rafting. An abundance of fishing spots suitable to all anglers is available. What about an enlightening visit to the crocodile and lion ranch?

What’s Next

We are awaiting permission from the local council to develop the property opposite the restaurant into a park like theme for picnics and direct access to future water sport activities.

A jungle gym, with a cottage type theme and constructed with split poles while creating a matching rustic look, is due in the very near future.

Dress Code

Adults need to wear shoes when entering the restaurant and bar area. Patrons may sit in the restaurant garden area without a shirt and shoes. Only patrons older than 18 years old would be allowed to sit at the bar. When in doubt, kindly do bring proof of age when sitting at the bar.