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Deneysville – Weekend Stress and Pressure Antidote

Deneysville is a water sports village with prevalent activities of fishing, yachting and boating. You will enjoy the quite holiday-like village atmosphere and be attracted to it’s peaceful and tranquil qualities. Come take a break and relieve your stress and the demands associated with modern-day life. A visit to Quarterdeck Family Restaurant and Bar will provide you with such a needful break. Our prime location, view and serenity is the ideal antidote to today’s pressured lifestyle. Restful quality time, spent with family and friends, is absolutely necessary to regenerate physical strength, energy and mental vitality that is so necessary for a successful week that lies ahead.

Absorb all these benefits by visiting Quarterdeck Family Restaurant and Bar - Your first choice of local venue for a delicious, fresh, home-cooked meal selected from our à la carte breakfast, lunch and dinner menu.

So rewarding is the day or weekend spent relaxing, unwinding and enjoying the water sport activities in the tranquil setting of our village. Even more so, knowing there is a great venue for the last-minute meal to round off the perfect day without stressing about preparing a meal when you get home.

What People Are Saying...

Patrons Testimonials

Groot Ondersteuners

Ons group kom elke vrydag bymekaar hier by Quarterdeck Restaurant. Fantastise atmosfeer, great uitkyk, great mense, great kos goeie pryse en gehalte.
Estie, Annelise, Magda

It Is Awesome

It's awesome, magnificent food: the layout, the spread, the presentation. Wow! You've got to see it to believe it! You've got to taste it to EXPERIENCE it!
Chris & Elsie

Keep Coming Back

We have been in the village for 11 years and tried all the other venues that we keep coming back to Quarterdeck Restaurant. We just enjoy the waterfront.
Angela and Joseph