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Thank you for considering to reserve your visit to Quarterdeck Restaurant. The life blood of our business is what you are considering to do right now - making a reservation. So naturally, we are pleased and excited about the prospect of making contact and then welcoming you to Quarterdeck Restaurant. We are eager for you to experience our antidote to your stress and we appreciate your sustenance and partaking in our vision.

A truly awesome beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship to us both.

To prevent disappointment, frustrations and delays it is recommended that you rather book in advance giving us enough time in preparation of your celebration at Quarterdeck Restaurant.

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Note: When you book for a private function you will be required to pay a deposit based on the number of heads that would be joining you to Quarterdeck Restaurant.

Credit card payments are welcome. A minimum credit card transaction value of R 100.00 or more is accepted. Transactions lower than this value needs to be settled in cash.